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The 130th Washington State Open will crown Washington state champions in Men's and Women's events from the Open Division to the 80's. All senior events will be ranked as a National Category II tournament with national ranking points awarded to players. Matches will be both outdoors and indoors at the Seattle Tennis Club courts, located on the shores of Lake Washington, as well as the indoor courts at the University of Washington's Nordstrom Tennis Center. All events are single elimination and seeding as based on the "all factors" method. Best of luck to each athlete competing in the Washington State Open! 

Thank you to all the players who participated in the 129th Washington State Open in 2019. Below are the results from this past year.

Men's Open Singles Champ: Paul Barretto, Finalist: Sean Hill

Men's Open Doubles Champs: Riley Smith and Tanner Smith, Finalists: Jack Katzman and Alex Taylor

Men's 35 Doubles Champs: Ryan Pang and Jesse Schouten, Finalists: Josh Basha and Michael Costello

Men's 35 Singles Champ: Brian Murphy, Finalist: Jesse Schouten

Men's 45 Doubles Champs: David Ebel and John Foster, Finalists: Darren Parsons and Mike Walter

Men's 45 Singles Champ: Michael Chang, Finalist: David Ebel

Men's 50 Doubles Champs: Tim Larson and Robert Matthews, Finalists: Hunter Liggett and Gregory Skaggs

Men's 50 Singles Champ: Steve Heroux, Finalist: Esteban Altuna

Men's 55 Doubles Champs: Benjamin Chotzen and Craig Koessler, Finalists: Charl Grobler and Eddie Shultz

Men's 55 Singles Champ: John Saviano, Finalist: Stephen Kimoff

Men's 60 Doubles Champs: Joe Cannon and Richard Grant, Finalists: Gary Grandolph and Rudy Sanchez

Men's 60 Singles Champ: Toby Crabel, Finalist: Mark Jee

Men's 65 Doubles Champs: Daniel Burns and Hector Mendoza, Finalists: Geoff Cykman and Bill Matthews

Men's 65 Singles Champs: Geoff Cykman, Finalist: Rudy Sanchez

Men's 70 Doubles Champs: William Cohon and Denney Douglas, Finalists: Mike Krummel and Robert Schulze

Men's 70 Singles Champ: Kenneth Dahl, Finalist: Ash Mitha

Men's 75 Doubles Champs: John Popplewell and Chuck White, Finalists: Fredrick Fogg and John Hanson

Men's 75 Singles Champ: Edward Ford, Finalist: Roger North

Men's 80 Doubles Champs: Horst Dammholz and Thomas Geisness, Finalists: John Curran and Larry Nielson

Men's 80 Singles Champ: Larry Nielson, Finalist: Horst Dammholz

Men's 85 Doubles Champs: Philip Jolly and Neil Roberts, Finalists: Dennis Nielson and Fred Pessl

Men's 85 Singles Champ: Fred Pessl, Finalist: Dennis Nielson

Men's 90 Doubles Champ: Richard Eitel and William McDermott, Finalists: Eugene Moore and William Nyhan

Men's 90 Singles Champ: Lou Wick, Finalist: Dick Eitel

Mixed Open Doubles Champs: Kawika Lam and Rifanty Kahfiani, Finalists: Catherine Allen and Jack Katzman

Women's Open Singles Champ: Jessica Failla, Finalist: Alyssa Tobita

Women's Open Doubles Champs: Rifanty Kahfiani and Alyssa Tobita, Finalists: Sedona Gallagher and Zoey Weil

Women's 35 Doubles Champs: Stella Jones and Millie Yablonicky, Finalists: Kari Aggerholm and Jodie Wise

Women's 35 Singles Champ: You Cao, Finalist: Cindy Nelson

Women's 45 Doubles Champs: Nancy Daly and Shelley Whelan, Finalists: Susie Heimdahl and Beth Lehman-Brooks

Women's 45 Singles Champ: Christine Hayes, Finalist: Marne Whitney

Women's 50 Doubles Champs: Cathy Ramsay and Deborah Wilson, Finalists: Samantha Mills and Rebecca Stapp

Women's 50 Singles Champ: Rebecca Stapp, Finalist: Christina Jones

Women's 55 Doubles Champs: Lisa Brougham and Maureen Strieb, Finalists: Laura Lund and Susan Lammers

Women's 55 Singles Champ: Lisa Brougham, Finalist: Viktoria Beggs

Women's 65 Doubles Champs: Carolann Castell and Nancy Osborne, Finalists: Janice Hostetler and Bonnie Paasche

Women's 65 Singles Champ: Ginny Beneke, Finalist: Bonnie Paasche

Women's 70 Doubles Champs: Carolyn Boardman and Susan Mersereau, Finalists: Joy Conrad-Rice and Leslie Look

Women's 70 Singles Champ: Carolann Castell, Finalist: Carmen Almodovar

Women's 75 Doubles Champs: Pamela Elliot and Ellen Johnson, Finalists: Candy Doud and Heidi Broecking